Earning Trust
happy client

I wanted to take a minute to let the public know that there are still honest people and businesses here in our very own community.

In December, I began experiencing a problem with my 1996 SUV when I tried to put it in all-wheel drive. It made a horrible clunk and hesitated in changing. I asked my mechanically-inclined friends, who all warned me that it sounded like the transmission was going out. Before jumping to that conclusion, I had it looked at by a local car repair shop that admitted they weren’t experienced enough to deal with a transmission problem, they told me that it was an internal issue with the transmission and needed to be taken somewhere else. They recommended Jim’s Transmission on Euclid Avenue (Manassas). They also warned me that the repair would probably start at around $2,000.

Perfect timing! Bad weather, two weeks before Christmas and a surprise $2,000-plus repair bill was not in the budget.

I stalled a little while longer and in mid-January finally took it to Jim’s. They told me on the phone that there was no charge for them to look at it. I dropped it off on Sunday evening and of course we got hit with a big snow storm Monday morning. Tuesday afternoon I called them to hear the bad news. Boy I was surprised! The gentleman I spoke with told me that there was nothing wrong with my transmission — what I needed was four tires that were the same size! When we had two flat tires in the summer, the small garage we took it to each had given us a great deal but had put the wrong size tires. Because of that, the AWD was not engaging at the same time on each side which was causing the horrible clunking sound.

You can imagine the relief I felt at hearing that news. Later, the more I thought about it the more I realized the perfect position Jim’s Transmission had us in – they could have told us there were all sorts of things wrong with it, done nothing of it, charged us an arm and a leg for it. But they did no such thing. They were honest and more concerned about our safety than making a buck off of us.

I know Jim’s isn’t the only honest business out there, but it’s hard to know which ones are until you’ve been placed in a position to need them and sometimes that’s not the time to risk finding out.

By Jacquie Wheeler
From Prince William & Manassas Journal